Ground Zero (1985)

Ground Zero-cover
Robin Armstrong playing on the Celestial Harp at the World Symposium on Humanity, in Toronto.

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The Celestial Harp is an innovative new musical instrument.

These are some of the earliest recordings on the Celestial Harp. They were mostly done in 1987! They were recorded onto 1/2 inch reel to reel format, and eventually converted into the digital used here. The tuning system was experimental and a work in progress.
The focus of these recordings was to present various techniques of playing.

Cover Design Robin Armstrong

Mixed and mastered by Dale Codling and Robin Armstrong

©2017 RA Publications, Toronto, ON. M8W 3C4

1. “Hammered-1″ 2’47”
Robin Armstrong

2. “Plucked” 1’36”
Jean Michaud

3. “Hammered-2″ 2’00”
Robin Armstrong

4. “Warped” 2’39”
Robin Armstrong, Jean Michaud, Pat Roberto

5. “Collage-1″ 4’35”
Robin Armstrong, Jean Michaud

6. “Slide” 3’10”
Robin Armstrong, Jean Michaud

7. “Collage-2″ 4’09”
Robin Armstrong, Jean Michaud

8. “Sworls” 0’49”
Robin Armstrong, Jean Michaud

9. “Hammered-3″ 2’29”
Robin Armstrong

10. “Hammered-4″ 1’43”
Robin Armstrong

11. “Free Form” 9’30”
Robin Armstrong

12. “Slide-2″ 2’09”
Robin Armstrong

13. “Picked” 1’47”
Robin Armstrong

14. “Strumming” 0’35”
Robin Armstrong, Dale Codling

15. “Om” 0’11”
Robin Armstrong

An Adventure in Time and Space