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Pyramid Vibes

The Celestial Harp was design on the basis of the spiral, the circle and the square. In this piece the corner strings are struck to resonate the rest of the strings. The corners of the harp representing the pyramid were resonated to activate the zodiac.

Galactic Presence

Chanting a sacred chant into the Celestial harp while playing on the strings representing the super galactic centre and other galactic clusters. The sounds Ha, Ri and Om were chanted melodically and then the strings were bowed replicating the melody of the chant. Chanting into the Celsetial Harp resonates the many strings and stimulates a chorus of harmonies.

Water Spirits

In this piece the position of Sedna, the Sea Goddess of the North, in the horoscope of the moment was played along with the zodiac position of the magical spirit Aziel, which according to Franz Bardon occupies 11-15 degrees of Taurus. Aziel is the spirit of Divine Justice and Mercy and rules over hidden treasures and subterranean waters.

Horsocope of the Moment

This piece is based upon the horoscope calculated for the moment of the performance. The planetary positions at the time of performance both in the zodiac and in the I Ching hexagrams determined the sounds and melodies played on the Celestial Harp. The resulting music resonated deeply within the woodhenge built to be receptive to these celestial frequencies.


This was inspired by an African percussive work called Kuku. The rhythms were adapted to the melodies and strings of the Celestial Harp. This was explained as each musician was called in to play a part. The rhythms in African music are very specific and fit together in a poly rhythmical manner.

Credits and Way Out

This is the end clip of the video with the credits and a small trailer showing part of the drive out of the forest. You can get a sense of the isolation of Forest Woodhenge and the performance.

Eightfold Path

This is a percussive piece for three on the harp. The 8 trigrams of the I Ching are played. The trigrams also correspond to the eightfold path of the Buddha.


Robin Armstrong, Lisa Swarbrick, Jesse Footit and Bill Frey Robin blows the Buffalo horn in the four directions as the musicians enter Forest Woodhenge walking around the wheel and spiralling inward to the centre.

Eight Directions

This is a percussive piece for four on the harp. The 8 trigrams of the I Ching are played. The trigrams also correspond to the eight directions and to eight divisions of the zodiac.


Robin strumming around the Celestial Harp so that the complete
cycle of sounds in the harp and in the zodiac are heard.