2000-2002 – 352 1/2 Queen E

352 1/2 Queen St East – Sharing with Njacko Backo

Njacko Backo 1 PIC00580 ra njacko k5a

Multi-talented kalimba player and drummer from Cameroon

Celestial Harp 013

Celestial Harp at 352 1/2 Queen St. E.


Celestial Harp with view of Recording Studio window.

Jesse Fromowitz - Digeridoo-1

Robin and Jesse Fromowitz on the Celestial Harp.

Jesse Fromowitz digeridoo + Celestial Harp 1

Jesse Fromowitz Digeridoo + Celestial Harp

Robin + Jesse Fromowitz Digeridoo + Celestial Harp

Robin and Jesse Fromowitz on the Celestial Harp.


Jesse Fromowitz Digeridoo + Celestial Harp

2000-Dec 0003b-Queen E-Praveen-Robin-Namita

Praveen, Jatinder Parkash “Jeetu”, Robin and Namita Devi Sawh working on Journey to Vrindaban.

2000-Dec 0001c-Queen St E-Dev Chakraverty-Ronnie

Dev Chakraverty and Ronnie Prentice-Roy working on Journey to Vrindaban

2000-Dec 0001a-Queen E-Ronnie & Savriti

Ronnie and Savitri Prasad working on Journey to Vrindaban

2000-Dec 0002d-Queen E-Jeetu-Satanand-Ruchira-Nmaitta-Dev

Prakash, Satanand Sawh, Ruchira Sawh, Namita Sawh and Dev Chakraverty – Journey to Vrindaban.

2000-Dec 0003a-Queen E-Ruchi-Praveen-Dev-Satanand

Ruchira, Praveen Dev, and Satanand.

2000-Dec 0003c-Queen E-Jeetu

Jeetu playing Krishna’s flute.

2000-Dec 0004a-Jeetu-Satanand-Namita-Dev

2000-Dec 0004b-Queen E-Jeetu-Praveen-Sat

Jeetu playing Krishna flute solo for Journey to Vrindaban.

2000-Dec 0004c-Queen E-Sawhs in studio window

Praveen, Satanand and Ruchira Sawh



A northern touch! Jeremy Edwards and family!


Robin on the Celestial Harp.


2002-02 Celestial Harp0017a

2002-02 Celestial Harp0016a

2002-02 Celestial Harp0015a

2002-02 Celestial Harp0011c

2002-02 Celestial Harp0008c

2002-02 Celestial Harp0007a

2002-02 Celestial Harp0006b

2002-02 Celestial Harp0006a

2002-02 Celestial Harp0005c

2002-02 Celestial Harp0005a

2002-02 Celestial Harp0004c

2002-02 Celestial Harp0004a


An Adventure in Time and Space