Early Days: Playing the Celestial Harp

1979 to 1980: Early Days: Playing the Celestial Harp

After the first showing of the Celestial Harp at the World Symposium for Humanity, the Celestial Harp stayed at home as Robin and friends tried to develop tuning systems.

Tuning systems and the limits of strings took about tens years’ work and thousands of dollars worth of strings: piano strings, nylon strings, sitar strings, cat gut, straight guitar strings. coiled guitar strings, and probably a few others. In the end a mixed of coiled and not coiled guitar strings were settled on as most functional.


The Celestial Harp sits on its own case. The sides fold down and the base of the case acts as a table stand. The stand took several years to develop and one day a friend just stopped to get the measurements and the came back a few months later with the case. It is still the same case I use in 2016!



Robin on Celestial Harp


Robin on the Celestial Harp
Another early shot of Robin playing the Celestial Harp.

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