Best of the Celestial Harp II (2012)


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Best of  the Celestial Harp II (2012)

A second compilation of works from previous recordings..

Photo Art by Peter Rivington

Cover design by Robin Armstrong

Cover and labels printed by Printer Gateway,

Mixed and mastered by Robin Armstrong

©2012 RA Publications, Aurora, ON.

Track 01. Heavenly Sisters          13’15”
Lisa Swarbrick, Orest Tataryn & Robin Armstrong on the Celestial Harp. Michael Moon on vibes.
Heavenly Sisters refers to the seven sisters of the Pleiades. There were originally seven bright stars in this constellation but one of them, over the years, faded and disappeared. The legend of the Pleiades tells of these heavenly sisters and of the seventh who went away.
Heavenly Sisters was composed in memory of the 14 women shot and killed in Montreal  on Dec. 6, 1989. They were all engineerig students. It was performed at York University in Vari Hall on Dec. 6, 1996

Track 02. Flying Dragon                        10’02”
Orest Tataryn & Robin Armstrong on Celestial Harp.
Brian Roche on Sitar.
Performed and recorded at the Music Gallery in 1992.

Track 03. On the Edge of the Milky Way               21’22”        Lisa Swarbrick, Michael Moon, and Robin Armstrong on the Celestial Harp in 1996. This piece focused on the centre of the galaxy and on the solar apex moving towards alignment with it. It is this alignment that represented the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21, 2012.

Track 04. Secret                         10’15”
Njacko Backo & Robin Armstrong both playing on the Celestial Harp and tubes This was recorded in 2002.

Track 05. Four in One                                     7’20”
Dale Codling, Mark Spenceley, Kathleen Richardson & Robin Armstrong all playing on the Celestial Harp. T Celestial Harp
Michael Moon ……. Vibraphone


An Adventure in Time and Space