1979-91 Casimir St.

The Celestial Harp at home on Casimir St.!

celestial-harp at the IAO Research Library

The Celestial Harp stayed in its case in the middle of the IAO Research Library of Divine Science, Parapsychology an the Healing Arts. The case would unfold and act as a stand whenever there was a need to play on it.

198x- 0001-CH-anthony-dale-mike-robin

Friends would stop by and we would wonder about the implications of Celestial Harp music and we would of course play on it. Many evenings went by this way.

198x- 0001-CH-Andrew

Sometimes one friend would spend some time on it alone.

Charp-history 17 with 4a

Sometimes there would be four of usĀ  and sometimes more!

Charp-history 17 with 4acropped

It looks like eight hands dancing!

Four on Celestial Harp
Four on Celestial Harp

One Instrument can sound like a whole band at times.



My Great-Aunt Pearl (in her nineties here) and my then Father-in-law Peter Postnikoff were intrigued with the Celestial Harp.

Charp-with Robin

And lots of times I would just play on it by myself.


in 1985, my friend Lise Boily brought Jean Michaud over and Jean became the first person to help me play and record on the Celestial Harp.


Jean Michaud doing a sound check .


In 1989 Dale Codling started to come over. Dale helped my with tuning, playing and recording. Dale was instrumental in making the first Celestial Harp CDs both as a performer and recording technician.


Dale and I on the Celestial Harp.


Dale and I on the Celestial Harp.


Dale and I on the Celestial Harp.


An Adventure in Time and Space