I Ching Ragas (1998)

I Ching Ragas on the Celestial Harp (1998)


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The music on this cassette has been inspired by the same source that inspired the creation of the Celestial Harp…….. the I Ching.

This recording consists of The Celestial Harp Band accompanied by Sitar. The system of ragas that we are using was developed by Brian Roche. In this system each hexagram represents a special scale, with the yin and yang lines representing polarized notes. Every hexagram has a unique feel to it. The Celestial Harp is also based on the I Ching. Each string represents a hexagram. Brian Roche has been the main genius behind the development of tuning systems for the Celestial Harp. Although developed for the sitar, these ragas sound wonderful on the Celestial Harp. The relationship of the Celestial Harp to the Sitar has been “Blessed by Heaven. Nothing that does not further!”

Tuning System #9

Cover design and photo by Robin Armstrong

The recorded, mixed and mastered by Robin Armstrong

©1998 RA Publications, Toronto, ON.


Track 01: Increase Raga                 27’05”

10CP-04-Hx42-Increase(1 on the Celestial Harp)

Brian Roche,  Sitar.

Robin Armstrong,  Celestial Harp.



Track 02: Fellowship Raga         16’20”

IC-R-S 12PI-05-Hx13 Fellowship With MenBrian Roche,  Celestial Harp.

Robin Armstrong,  Celestial Harp.




Track 03: The Wanderer Raga                    12’11”

07LI-03-Hx56 The WandererBrian Roche,  Celestial Harp.

Robin Armstrong,  Celestial Harp.

An Adventure in Time and Space