Best of the Celestial Harp (2011)


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Best of  the Celestial Harp (2011)

A collection of some of the best pieces put together to make an special good listening mix.

Photo Art by Peter Rivington

Cover design by Robin Armstrong

Cover and labels printed by Printer Gateway,

Mixed and mastered by Robin Armstrong

©2011 RA Publications, Aurora, ON.

Track 01. Spirits of the Sand  (3 on Harp)        9’49”
Peter Elliott ……….. Vocals
Sharon Wiener ……. Vocals
Kathy Armstrong … Drums
Orest Tataryn ………Celestial Harp
Brian Roche ………. Celestial Harp
Robin Armstrong …Celestial Harp,  Snake Charming Flute

Track 02. New Sounds on the Block                13’00”
Orest Tataryn & Robin Armstrong on Celestial Harp, guitar & percussion: Gong, bells, triangle, penny whistle, recorder, rattle, chairs, cymbals, snare drum, xylophone, bongos, wood snapper, snake charming flute, voices and whistle.

Track 03. Return the Turning Point        16’26”
Orest Tataryn: Celestial Harp, marimba, xylophone,’
chimes, quiro, penny whistle & kalimba slam!
Brian Roche: Celestial Harp & soprano sax
Peter Elliott: Celestial Harp, rattle, flute, recorder,
pan pipes & vibra-slap.
Robin Armstrong: Celestial Harp.

Track 04. Fellowship Raga                16’20”
Robin Armstrong .. Celestial Harp
Brian Roche ….Celestial Harp
Also used ….. Shrudi Master for drone.

Track 05. Adoration of the Pleiades    13’11”
Robin Armstrong … Celestial Harp
Michael Moon ……. Vibraphone


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