Best of the Celestial Harp III (2013)


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Best of  the Celestial Harp III (2013)

A second compilation of works from previous recordings..

Photo Art by Peter Rivington

Cover design by Robin Armstrong

Cover and labels printed by Printer Gateway,

Mixed and mastered by Robin Armstrong

©2013 RA Publications, Aurora, ON.

Track 01. Affirmation          19’51”
Robin Armstrong on the Celestial Harp. Sharon Wiener and Peter Elliott voice. Affirmation was the first piece of the first live performance  on the Celestial Harp at the Music Gallery, Sept. 19, 1992
Track 02. Wings                                6’10”
Peter Elliott voice. Robin Armstrong indirectly on the Celestial Harp. Two voice tracks, one singing and one humming were played with a Celestial Harp track. In the final mix the Celestial Harp was removed and the singing and humming were left on their own.


Track 03. Bird                        6’34”        Peter Elliott voice. Robin Armstrong on the Celestial Harp. There is no explanation for this piece. It just happened! Peter made all the sounds in one take accompanying the Celestial Harp.


Track 04. Foundations        15’31”
Robin Armstrong and Michael Moon on the Celestial Harp, voice and other effects. The sound of Saturn recorded by the NASA Voyager flights and transformed to an audible frequency by Brain Mind Research, was used as a main drone against which the Celestial Harp and voices were added.

Track 05. Significant Presence                 4’27”
Robin Armstrong on the Celestial Harp and playing a kaossilator. An ebow was used on the Celestial Harp to make extended sounds.


Track 06. Prayer 104                                     6’31”
Robin Armstrong voice. A matrix of multiple tracks  were made of Robin chanting in rhythms of 4, 8, 16, and 32 as well as 13, 26 and 39. The result creates an effect that can take the perceptive listener to other dimensions.

An Adventure in Time and Space